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Like a baby learning from his mother, we learn different languages simultaneously in a natural way.

Human beings naturally learn the language of the country they were born in.
People who grew up in a country speaking only one language will naturally learn that language, whereas persons who were born in a multilingual environment will be able to speak several languages naturally without a special "study".

Everyone has this capability and the languages one can speak depends on under what kind of environment he or she grew up in.

That's why we, LEX (The Institute for Language Excursion and Exchange) Youth Korea, established a multilingual environment in Korea.
Listening to CDs recorded in English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French and Korean, we are able to learn several languages step by step, just like a baby repeating his/her mother's words.
To learn different languages in a method of learning like a mother tongue that’s totally different from the one we grew up with, we provide an environment for foreign languages to be heard like learning a native language naturally and thereby, get a good command of it in the future.

The language learned this way becomes the most important tool in communicating with other people.
With languages learned from this natural multilingual environment and intimately, LEX, provides mutual international free home-stay in the unit of families and/or teenagers.
Through LEX's home-stay program, members can overcome language barriers, directly experience culture, custom and family life.
Ultimately the goal is to enhance understanding of different families. We try our best to develop understanding in a worldwide stage.

LEX is a non-commercial organization under the Juvenile Division, Ministry of Culture & Tourism.